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We thought it might be helpful if we could share information about local plumbers, builders etc. 

Not only is it notoriously difficult to find some of these people, but if you want to see examples of their work, it can be inconvenient/impossible.  If they have worked for someone else in the street it would be much easier to go and see what they have done.  We hope that residents will be able to list people/companies in the forum or comments section of this blog but obviously we cannot be held responsible for any of these recommendations.  We hope that only the best and most reliable builders etc. will get onto this list and it would be most helpful if residents could add remarks about the type/extent of building/plumbing etc. work undertaken and their name and house (+ flat) number, as it is useful to know who is making the recommendation.

Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Roofers, Window cleaners, Cleaners, Others

Babysitting / dog and cat feeding / plant watering

As it is sometimes difficult to find a babysitter and even more difficult to find one who only has to walk back home down the street (no taxis/lifts home), we thought it might be a good idea to let residents know:

a)     who required babysitters
b)     who is prepared to babysit

This also applies to anyone requiring / able to feed cats or dogs or water plants.

Important Note

While the co-ordinator and other organizers of Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch (“the organizers”) post advertisements for third parties in good faith, they give no representation or warranty about the goods and services which are advertised. In particular, the organizers have not taken any steps to test the quality of goods and services or to establish the qualifications and experience of service providers. The organisers therefore make no claim that goods are of merchantable quality or fit for purpose or that services will be of a satisfactory standard. You must therefore rely exclusively on your own enquiries tests and judgement. If you accept goods and services from people advertising on this blog and things go wrong, the organizers accept no liability to you.

5 thoughts on “Local Information

  1. I came across your site whilst researching my mother’s birthplace. She was born at number 38 Schubert Road.

    I imagine the area has changed somewhat since then, but it would be lovely to know if anyone would remember what the road was like in or around 1930, and whether number 38 was a house or flats?

    Thank you.

    • The Putney Society or The Wandsworth Society should be able to help you with further information on number 38. It would have originally been 1 whole house when it was first built c1890 however a check of the numerous Censuses available at http://www.ancestry.co.uk should confirm who lived within the building and when it was converted into 4 flats.

      Our longest resident has been on the street since 1950 and we’ll ask him whether he remembers anything which might assist you.

      We hope that helps.

      Kind Regards

      Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch

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