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Important Note

While the co-ordinator and other organizers of Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch (“the organizers”) post advertisements for third parties in good faith, they give no representation or warranty about the goods and services which are advertised. In particular, the organizers have not taken any steps to test the quality of goods and services or to establish the qualifications and experience of service providers. The organisers therefore make no claim that goods are of merchantable quality or fit for purpose or that services will be of a satisfactory standard. You must therefore rely exclusively on your own enquiries tests and judgement. If you accept goods and services from people advertising on this blog and things go wrong, the organizers accept no liability to you.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I wanted contact with people please in the road who are willing to swap re dog sitting at their own houses for limited periods .



  2. Was wondering if anyone else had noticed that planes coming in to Heathrow are now flying in much lower, and earlier. Get woken up at 4.30 most mornings now with the noise of it. Have emailed our MP for Putney, not heard anything back yet though.

    • I don’t know if others are affected – do any other residents have any problems with the noises from the aeroplanes?

      Our MP Justine Greening is always a good person to contact on issues like this.

      Kind Regards

      Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch

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