New Year Schubert Road Gathering – January 2014

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We’re planning on having a Schubert Road gathering in January 2014 – we’d like to invite all residents to this gathering.

Our reason in getting us all together is so that we can tell you about all the things we’ve done and all the exciting plans we’ve got planned for the forthcoming year…

1)  Schubert Road ‘Bake Off’ – to take place in the Spring/Summer of 2014..

2)  Gorrila Gardeners – Volunteer Group to assist those in looking after their front & rear gardens – to take place in Spring 2014.

3)  Best & Worse kept front Gardens on Schubert Road competition – to take place in Summer 2014.

4)  Gardening Club to continue the Gorrila Gardeners work and watering and planting little plants next to the trees on the pavements to smarten up the road – To take place in the Spring 2014.

5)  Fancy Dress Competition – to take place in Summer 2014.

6)  Street Party – to take place in Summer 2014.

We’ve got lots of other things still to achieve…

  1. The Police will be COMING TO SCHUBERT ROAD (at least twice a year – rather than us having to go to meet them elsewhere) in order to help spread the news about ‘immobilise’ and to mark residents’ bikes and other equipment which should deter criminals but will also mean that if items are located the stolen goods can be reunited to their rightful owner.
  2. Resolving the Mains Water Leaks
  3. Having the pavements replaced
  4. Having the missing trees replaced
  5. Having a motorbike bay installed on the road
  6. Having a bike rack installed on the road
  7. Removing the (no longer required) Disabled parking space removed (paint removed)
  8. Passing on information from the Police, Council, Fire Brigade, Planning Department to all residents.
  9. Continuing to ensure that all residents are aware of all the help & advice available to them in order to avoid becoming victims of crime and to ensure that residents are aware that a Neighbourhood Watch group is available for support and advice if they are unfortunate enough to become a victim.

If you’re able to help with any of the above we’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day.

Further details to follow soon.

It’s Official – Schubert Road is now a No Cold Caller Zone

A number of residents have expressed concern over ’door to door’ visitors attempting to sell numerous items and services late at night.  A number of these sales men & woman used hard-sell tactics which made the residents feel very fearful.  We felt it was important to take a survey of residents on the road to find out what you all felt.  The overwhelming decision was made to make this road a No Cold Caller Zone.  The council agreed and promptly installed signs & provided each property with a special pack (including a sticker to be placed on your front door/window).

If you haven’t received your pack/sticker or wish to discuss this issue further please do contact us.

No Cold Calling Zone Sign

Grow Active moves into winter – Grow your Own

The second Grow Active food-growing workshop is on November 20 to help people prepare for the change from autumn to winter. The Grow Active scheme is a series of five seasonal workshops to help people learn… new skills, meet like-minded people and improve local neighbourhoods. Gardeners can compare notes, learn and share skills, pick up tips and find out what jobs they need to focus on this season. The sessions, being organised jointly by the council’s housing, parks and public health teams, are aimed at gardeners from Wandsworth’s community gardens, allotments, housing estates and schools, although anyone with an interest in growing food can go along. No experience is necessary. The hope is that people will pass their new skills onto others in their community. Before each session there will be time for refreshments and networking.
There is no fee, but a contribution will be taken towards the cost of refreshments.
People can take part even if they do not have a garden on which to use their new skills – there will be a chance to volunteer to work on local gardens that need a helping hand.
When: November 20, 6.30pm – 9pm
Where: Penfold Community Centre, Neville Gill Close, Wandsworth.
Find out more from Jo Baxter on (020) 8871 6774 or email your own

Burglars using front door stickers to identify easy targets

The council’s crime prevention team is warning residents of a sophisticated new scam being used by burglars to target homes in the borough.

There are growing concerns that burglars are using accomplices to identify vulnerable properties in the borough and then marking them out with discreet plastic stickers.

The scouts are fixing the small, virtually transparent stickers to people’s letterboxes.

24-7 Locksmith Sticker

They are so discreet that residents may not even notice they are there – but for criminals who know what to look for – they act as a big green light that the property is an easy target.

Police are already linking these stickers to a number of burglaries in the borough. The stickers are printed with the words “24 hour locksmith” and a telephone number. However the number does not exist and does not appear to have ever been issued by a telecoms company.

Detectives believe the scout is sent to an area to look for homes that may be easier to burgle. The belief is that he or she may be calling at addresses to see if people are at home during the day. This also gives them the chance to get up close to doors and windows and check out how good the locks are.

If the scout thinks the home would be easy to break into – he or she leaves a sticker near the letterbox. If they are stopped by the police they can claim to be innocently distributing marketing material for the locksmiths firm.

The council’s crime prevention spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “There is growing evidence that some organised teams of burglars are using this method to target homes in south London.

“We are therefore urging local residents to keep a very close eye out for these stickers and if they find one to remove it straight away and report it to the police.

“It also goes without saying that if people can beef up their home security by fitting sturdy locks to doors and windows and alarms then this will always reduce the chances of them falling victims to thieves and burglars.”

Please report any such labels found at you home address to Police : Please phone 101 and ask to speak to your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Darker Nights & Christmas Advice

With the dark winter nights upon us and Christmas fast approaching, we are reminding residents not to draw attention to their valuables, and to make sure their home and vehicles are safe and secure at all times.


Many burglaries or theft from motor vehicles are opportunist crimes, where the offender has taken advantage of the cover of the darker nights, identified a house in darkness with no sign of anyone being at home, and used this as an invitation to break in. Similarly, items left in cars provide an ideal opportunity for a quick smash and grab.

So, as the nights get darker earlier, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at your home security. Here are some useful crime prevention tips to help you protect your home and property:

•Keep front and back doors locked at all times – even when you’re at home

•If you are out in the evening make sure you leave a light on and draw the curtains. If it’s dark before you get home, use timer switches to turn on the lights

•Light up your front door with dusk to dawn lighting – make sure it’s visible from the street

•Keep keys and valuables out of sight, and reach, from cat flaps, letterboxes, and downstairs doors and windows

•Keep Christmas presents out of sight of passers-by

•When recycling, fold up any cardboard boxes that might advertise your Christmas gifts to thieves

•Always lock your car and close windows, even if you are only leaving it for a few moments

•Remove all items from your vehicle when parked. Don’t forget your sat nav, cradle and suction pads and wipe away any marks

Please report any suspicious incidents to the police. The non-emergency number is 101, in an emergency call 999.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year .

Schubert Road is in the News!

Schubert Road is obviously on the up!  We’re mentioned in the latest SW magazine.  See what they say about Schubert Road here…SW Mag November 2013

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KFH have said…

Putney has long been a popular area for many buyers – surrounded by greenery, bordered by the River Thames and offering a wealth of property styles, over the years it has cemented its status as one of South West London’s most sought after locations.

With improved levels of confidence in the sales market, conditions in Putney are currently superb for sellers and many are amazed at the prices they are achieving. Prices have increased by around 15-20% this year alone with many properties selling over and above asking price. This has resulted in huge levels of competition however and it’s not unusual for many of the buyers we see to have gone to sealed bids five or six times and still not been successful.

Putney is one of those areas that offers something for everyone and as a result, our buyers tend to be incredibly varied from first time buyers, young professionals, families, investors and even downsizers. The architecture is impressive and ranges from Victorian and Edwardian homes to 1930s mansion flats and now also a good selection of modern new build developments. It’s certainly not as affordable as it used to be though and buyers now need in excess of £500,000 for a centrally located two bedroom garden flat, while a one bed located in any of the prestigious new build schemes will cost upwards of £350,000.

The East Putney grid area tends to be popular among young professionals and families looking for a period home and as a result roads such as Schubert and Cromford Roads are actively sought after along with any streets which are close to the high street such as Disraeli, Fawe Park or Burstock Roads. An average sized four bedroom terraced house here can just about be bought for £1million. Comparatively, West Putney tends to be slightly more expensive than the east side, with the same property selling for between £1,250,000 and £1,350,000, although prices are rising quickly and this might not be the case for much longer.


Please can you help by donating any unwanted children’s and adults’ clothing and shoes; blankets would also be appreciated.

Items should be in a plastic bag (of any type) and brought to

Hurlingham school on Putney Bridge Road on Friday 15th November.

Many thanks

Maria Major (Curriculum Director)

In support of the Kingston Filipino British Community