– FREE – Register of Lost Items

The National Mobile Crime Unit has asked us remind everyone about the free database.  The website contains 27 million accounts and is the best register of lost/stolen personal items in the UK.  It’s easy to create an account and the guides for registering items, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras etc. are easy to follow.

The vital detail required is the unique serial number of the lost/stolen item.  When Police Officers find property, they check the serial number against the National Register to identify the owner.

You don’t need to have yet lost any items to create a free account and register your possessions, so that the Police anywhere in the UK can intercept stolen items, arrest offenders and, more importantly, return your property to you!

Mobile phones are the most common items lost or stolen and every phone has a 15 digit unique serial number, the IMEI number.  Careful recording of this is essential when registering your phone.  Once you have registered your own property, please spread the word among family and friends.

Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online has launched a new ‘online safety’ hotline for parents (or grandparents) who fell less technically “savvy” than their children.  The ‘Switched On’ campaign is designed to help give parents the confidence needed to be able to teach their children about online safety and monitor them more closely.  For more information, go to:


Message from the police concerning residential burglaries

“I am writing to notify you that there has been a  large increase in residential burglaries in certain areas of Wandsworth borough. The Tooting area has been hit very hard and during the past two weeks Southfields has suffered a spate of front door slip lock burglaries. Please can you inform the members of your neighbourhood watch schemes to remain  vigilant. To use two locks on the front door when exiting their properties, to ensure windows are also locked and secure, and when going to sleep in the evening to ensure two locks are used on the front door also. Many of the slip lock burglaries have occurred at night while residents have been asleep in their beds. To date  East Putney Ward has not seen burglaries increase and your continued vigilance from now and through out the Christmas and holiday period  will ensure it remains the safest ward in Wandsworth.

The police continue to patrol your area regularly and we are working hard towards identifying and finding the persons responsible for the recent burglaries in the borough. If your members see anything unusual or suspicious on their street please encourage them to report it to us on the 101 number.


PCSO 7231 Noel Perkins
Putney Team
Email – TBC
Tel – 101″

Battersea Park Fireworks Display 2nd Nov 2013


Battersea Park Fireworks Display

Saturday 2 November 2013

  • Gates 6pm
  • Bonfire 7.30pm
  • Fireworks 8pm

Advance tickets only

Available from Monday 7 October (please note ticket sale transaction/booking fees apply):

  • £6.50 Monday, 7 October – Sunday, 27 October
  • £8  Monday, 28 October – Friday, 1 November
  • £10 Saturday, 2 November before 6pm (buy tickets online only)

Children under 10 years require a free ticket.

Ticket sales (transaction/booking fees apply)

Bad weather on the way–by-hurricanestrength-winds-8901530.html

According to the Met Office bad weather is on the way…Useful Check List for bad weather:

  • A wind up torch and radio in case of a power cut
  • Keep a stock of matches, lighters and candles
  • Make sure your first aid kit is up to date
  • Plan where to park your car in bad weather
  • Extra Torches & Extra Batteries
  • Blankets
  • Stock up on essential household products and foods including:  Bottled water, toilet rolls, toothpaste, washing products, long life or powdered milk.
  • Non-Cook food including:  tinned fruit, vegetables, tins of soup, baked beans, pasta, rice, crackers, oatcakes, porridge, tea, coffee, packet soups and instant mash, tinned meat and fish
  • If you have a freezer – keep bread, ready meals, frozen fruit & vegetables

Useful tips:

  • Keep your radio tuned into the local radio station for travel and weather updates.
  • Keep a note of your utilities information in a safe place – gas, electric, oil, coal and water.  Account details and telephone numbers can be found on your bill.

Wandsworth Local Leaders News

This week’s Putney Crime Report
Southfields residents should take extra care as there were a few cases of burglars slipping front door latches in order to get into homes to steal property.
Get your full Putney Crime Report

Own your own home
Get advice and support on how to buy your first home – including Right to Buy, shared ownership and the House Purchase Grant – at the town hall’s Affordable Housing Open day on Thursday.

Bumblebee is back
The police have created ‘area Bumblebee teams’ to target places where burglars could strike as the winter nights draw in. Find out what you can do to make your home safer.

Check smoke alarms when you change clocks
The clocks go back this weekend. The Government’s Fire Kills campaign is urging people to check their smoke alarms at the same time that they change their clocks.

Street briefing
A street briefing will be held by the East Putney
Safer Neighbourhood Team in Ringford Road on Friday (Oct 25) from 7pm to 7.30pm.



“Filthy Rich” Posters have started to go up in selected locations with a press launch today.  Four different, creative posters will go on billboards, bus-shelters, Tube lift and escalator panels, bus interiors and on digital animations in pubs and bars across London.  These will be supported by PR activity and online social media support.  There will also be commercials on Capital Radio.  Please give this campaign as much publicity as possible.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage the public to come forward with information on those living off the proceeds of crime.  This may be a result of activity by individuals across a number of acquisitive crime types ranging from drug-dealing, robbery, burglary to more serious crimes such as human-trafficking, fraud, illegal importation and, of course, money-laundering which can also involve businesses.  For more on the campaign go to:

Meanwhile, you can follow Crimestoppers on Twitter through both the main account, @CrimestoppersUK and also the flow dedicated to London at @RHookCSLondon.

Information concerning street robberies and phone snatches

A note from Steve Selby of Wandsworth Council’s Community Safety division:

The police have asked that we circulate the following to all co-ordinators.  If you see any of these vehicles, please ring 999.

Black Triumph Spirit motorbike  BN 10 WMY

Black Vespa moped  LJ 03 KLP

These have both been used in street robberies and phone snatches

These two registration numbers have been noted on vehicles concerned in the commision of burglaries;

GJ 5 6  HXV


Useful information from Wandsworth Council

Volunteer fair Thursday
The Wandsworth Volunteering Fair is a chance to find out more about volunteering, meet organisations that need volunteers, get expert help and advice and sign up to volunteering.

Cheap charger warning
Trading standards officers are urging people to steer clear of cheap laptop and mobile phone chargers amid warnings that some could be lethal.

Older people crime conference a success
More than 100 people representing groups that support older people went along to a town hall conference to discuss ways of tackling crimes against pensioners.

Beware of fraud
One of the issues tackled at the conference was fraud. Learn more about the latest tactics employed by scammers and get tips on how to avoid being conned.