Successful Bike Marking – Thank You to PCS Noel and Dorota

Further to our very successful Bike Marking on Saturday 1st March 2014 we would like to remind all residents to follow the 10 points shown in the attached link…

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Many Thanks to PCS Noel and Dorota for all their hard work – they did so many they even ran out of ink!

A warm welcome to our New Borough Commander

A warm welcome to our new Borough Commander -
Chief Superintendent Richard Smith
from Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch

To read his first monthly message please click on the following link…

Chief Superintendent Richard Smith New Borough Commander

NOW ON SCHUBERT ROAD – Burglars using front door stickers to identify easy targets

Further to the message sent out on the 15th November 2013 (when this problem was reported in Balham and Tooting) the first sticker has been found in Schubert Road.

Please do check your letterboxes for this sticker and remove and report immediately to Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch if found.

The council’s crime prevention team is warning residents of a sophisticated new scam being used by burglars to target homes in the borough.

There are growing concerns that burglars are using accomplices to identify vulnerable properties in the borough and then marking them out with discreet plastic stickers.

The scouts are fixing the small, virtually transparent stickers to people’s letterboxes.

24-7 Locksmith Sticker

They are so discreet that residents may not even notice they are there – but for criminals who know what to look for – they act as a big green light that the property is an easy target.

Police are already linking these stickers to a number of burglaries in the borough. The stickers are printed with the words “24 hour locksmith” and a telephone number. However the number does not exist and does not appear to have ever been issued by a telecoms company.

Detectives believe the scout is sent to an area to look for homes that may be easier to burgle. The belief is that he or she may be calling at addresses to see if people are at home during the day. This also gives them the chance to get up close to doors and windows and check out how good the locks are.

If the scout thinks the home would be easy to break into – he or she leaves a sticker near the letterbox. If they are stopped by the police they can claim to be innocently distributing marketing material for the locksmiths firm.

The council’s crime prevention spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “There is growing evidence that some organised teams of burglars are using this method to target homes in south London.

“We are therefore urging local residents to keep a very close eye out for these stickers and if they find one to remove it straight away and report it to the police.

“It also goes without saying that if people can beef up their home security by fitting sturdy locks to doors and windows and alarms then this will always reduce the chances of them falling victims to thieves and burglars.”

Please report any such labels found at you home address to Police : Please phone 101 and ask to speak to your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Message from N&HWNO on scams

At the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network office we often get phone calls or emails asking for advice about scams.
Silcence of the ScamsWe always advise anyone who suspects a scam, or who has been the victim of a scam, to report it to the police on
or 0300 123 2040.  However, it is always better to take preventative
action where possible and it is good to know what to look for to avoid being taken in, as well as to advise friends and family members when necessary.

The charity Think Jessica ( page booklet, ‘Scam mail is blackmail‘, is particularly useful and covers: lottery and prize draw scams, clairvoyant scams, catalogue scams, courier scams, bank / building society scams and more.  You can order a free hard copy of this booklet by emailing

Schubert Road Pavements

Further to our post sent out on the 25th February 2014.

We’ve just had a local resident have a very nasty fall due to the condition of our pavements  – we urgently now need EVERYONE to help to push this issue forward and get our pavements replaced.  If you’re able to assist in getting this issue resolved please let us know ASAP.

Many Thanks

A Very Victorian Christmas **AMENDED DATES**

Due to technical challenges we have regrettably had to cancel the performances of A Very Victorian Christmas on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 December. The show will now run from Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 December at 7.45pm with a Saturday matinee at 3pm. If you have booked tickets for the Tuesday or Wednesday, you will shortly be contacted by the Box Office. Alternatively, please contact them directly on or call 0208 7886943.A very Victorian Christmas - Putney Arts Theatre 2013