Stuck for ideas to keep the kids busy this Half Term?

Find out what’s on this half term for young people and families, including activities and holiday playschemes.    Beach Volley Ball Open Day tomorrow
Try your hand at beach volleyball and enjoy a party atmosphere at an open day at Barn Elms Sports Centre tomorrow afternoon.,2HELU,6MU7GJ,91VK9,1,2HELU,6MU7GJ,91F0W,1


Gutters blocked? Gutters/Down Pipework mis-aligned?

Windows you can’t clean on the outside as they’re too high up?

Gutters Blocked
Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch have been able to obtain a bulk discount as follows…

Guttering and down pipe clearance and roof check front & back £220 per property**
Window Cleaning (if taken with the above offer) front & back £50 per property**

Additional items/Preventative Measures:
Wire ballons £5 each – therefore c.£30 per property.
The Brush (hedgehog) system along the guttering £120 per property.

Colin Finch will be coming to Schubert Road on Saturday and Sunday 5th & 6th April 2014
If you wish to take him up on this offer please call him on 07515 748 256 (BY Saturday 22nd March 2014)

Any contract made with Colin Finch is between you and Colin directly – all payments must be made to him directly and Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch reserve their right to not be held liable for any action or inaction which results in any losses. Likewise, should this visit be cancelled due to bad weather, illness or any other reason Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch reserve their right to not be held liable for any lossess.


**N.B. We’re able to obtain this price – based on a minimum of 10 houses taking up this offer – if insufficient numbers are obtained the prices above may rise – Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch again can not be held liable should the prices above increase due to a lack of interested parties.

While the co-ordinator and other organisers of Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch (“the organisers”) post advertisements for third parties in good faith, they give no representation or warranty about the goods and services which are advertised. In particular, the organisers have not taken any steps to test the quality of goods and services or to establish the qualifications and experience of service providers. The organisers therefore make no claim that goods are of merchantable quality or fit for purpose or that services will be of a satisfactory standard. You must therefore rely exclusively on your own enquiries tests and judgement. If you accept goods and services from people advertising on this blog and things go wrong, the organizers accept no liability to you.

Congratulations Schubert Road Gardening Club

Very many Congratulations to the Schubert Road Gardening Club. All your hard work has been noticed by lots of local residents (who have said how wonderful your work looks) and you’ve even been mentioned in the Wandsworth Guardian – don’t forget to tell you school about all your achievements!

Also a Very Happy Birthday to 2 of our Schubert Road Gardening Club Members …Iris and Daniel!

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A very local Managing Agent’s Monthly Prize Draw…

A recently formed local Managing Agent is offering a great deal.
Logo 1 (new)
Fancy getting your Property Managed for FREE in our Monthly Prize Draw?
McMeekin & Son Ltd’s Monthly Prize Draw Terms & Conditions
All Leaseholders are entered into a prize draw every month – the lucky Leaseholder will be reimbursed their Management Fee (usually £365 per annum). Please note you will NOT be entered into the Prize Draw if you have outstanding arrears. If you are in arrears but have consistently maintained a repayment plan you will still be entered into the prize draws, however, half of the prize money will be put towards your arrears.
The winners will be announced on our Facebook page. Good Luck!
The 1st Winner has just been announced – Mr Nigel G from SW15 – Many Congratulations!

Support Charity – Not Crime

A new Home Office campaign is helping people give safely to charity.  Most collections and appeals are legitimate, but some are scams. Fraudsters will always try to exploit goodwill and attempt to deprive causes that most need help.  In some instances this can even see donations falling into the hands of organised criminals and terrorists.
Here are six simple steps to supporting charity and not crime…
1.Genuine fundraising materials should feature the charity’s name, registered name and a landline contact number. Be wary of those that list only a mobile number.
2.Before making a donation or accepting a collection tin, check the charity’s name and registration number. You can verify this at the Charity Commission’s website:
3.Look for the FRSB tick logo indicating that the charity is signed up to fundraising regulation, encouraging people to give with confidence.  4.When approached by collectors, check whether they have proper ID and that any collection tin is sealed.
5.Fundraisers require a licence from the local authority (or the Police in London) to collect in a public place. Check that they have this. If the collection is in a privately owned place (including shopping centres and train stations), check that they have the owner’s permission.
6.If in doubt, ask the collector for more information – a genuine fundraiser will always be happy to answer questions and explain more about the work of the charity.
After making these checks, if you think that a collection or appeal is not legitimate, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 and inform the Charity Commission.