Thames Water Update

Thames Water attended Schubert Road today – Tuesday 17th September 2013 – and Louise McMeekin – the Co-Ordinator of the Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch – was able to ask the engineer to investigate numerous points of concern on the communal water supply pipework.  Having investigated thoroughly – Paedar – the engineer was able to confirm 2 x leaks and 2 stop cock leaks.
Paedar has now passed his report onto the FLOW department (headed by Shaun) who will be arranging a thorough test of the communal pipework throughout the entire road between 12am and 4am (over night) within the next 2 weeks.  Fingers crossed we’ll get to the bottom of why so many people have wet cellar walls and very low water pressure coming in from the mains!
Thank you to everyone who called Thames Water – as this seems to have prioritised our street and forced their Leak Investigation department to sit up and take us seriously!  The next update will follow once we’ve heard more.

Schubert Road September 2013 Update: Boris Bikes & Water Pressure

We do hope that you had a great summer and are looking forward to the next few months in the run up to Christmas – please see below a number of URGENT issues which we believe need your attention.


Boris Bikes – On Manfred Road (behind Schubert Road) – 2013/3893 – OBSERVATIONS AND OBJECTIONS MUST BE MADE BY Friday 13th September 2013.

To register any objections, go to then click on “Find a planning application” and then enter the application number 2013/3893. Then click on “View Associated Application Documents & Make Online Comments for Live Applications”. We have included local residents notes in a a document downloadable below in PDF or Word document format.


Boris Bikes & Water Pressure – Sept 2013

Word doc:

Boris Bikes & Water Pressure – Sept 2013

Water Leaks and Pressure Issues – We need ALL residents to contact Thames Water to URGENTLY request a WATER PRESSURE CHECK ON THE COMMUNAL SUPPLY ON OUR ROAD – there seems to be a Major Leak on the mains supply underneath the pavements which has caused:

  • A significant reduction in water pressure
  • Damp Cellars
  • Sunken pavements
  • Residents large bills for replacing boilers, showers, pipework and other water appliances
  • Not to mention the gallons of water which are seeping into the ground under the pavements on our road, which will significantly damage the structural integrity of our homes!

We would ask each of you to contact Thames Water directly in order to ensure that they attend to our communal plumbing issue as soon as possible – the more of us that call – the faster the issue will be resolved.

PLEASE CONTACT THAMES WATER ON 0845 9200 800 Using Options 1 then 4 then 1.
Thanks for all your help, if you have any problems, let us know by commenting below or emailing us on

Schubert Road March update and Planning Applications

March 2013 sees the launch of the Schubert Road website/blog.  Anne, Daphne, Louise and Paddy leaflet dropped to all residents of the street to announce this important and exciting development.  We are massively grateful to Allie (no 47) and Ricky (Flat a, no 44) for setting up this website.  Although it is still very much a work in progress, we hope that it will grow to be an excellent portal for sharing ideas and news.

The first issue to the Schubert Road  Group news is attached.  The bulk of the newsletter contains updates on various planning applications which may impact on Schubert Road.  We aim to update this section with more information as it appears.