Easy Fundraising for Neighbourhood Watch

From the OurWatch website:

“Did you know that you can turn your online shopping into donations for NHWN? Every time you buy something you could be raising money for the Network.

If you register on the website www.easyfundraising.org.uk, over 2,700 well known retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and Tesco will donate a small percentage of what you spend to NHWN.

It’s a really simple process, all you have to do is:

Register at www.easyfundraising.org.uk
When you’re asked to choose your cause, select the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales)
Start shopping!

There is even an ‘Easy fundraising toolbar’ that you can install that lets you know when you are on the website of a participating retailer, so with just one click you can choose to donate and carry on shopping as normal.

There is no intrusive adverts and it doesn’t cost you anything extra on top of your shopping.

We would be grateful if you could help to spread the word about this among your Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch Associations in your area and get them to spread the message too. You might also want to tell your family and friends!”

Schubert Road March 2014 Update Letter

Dear Schubert Road Resident,

Following on from our very successful Jubilee Street Party in 2012 and progress we have made since then preventing cold callers on the road and campaigning for the council and Thames Water to make improvements, we are sending you an update from your Neighbourhood Watch Team.

Reminders for all residents:

  1. We are all volunteers and we do all this work to help make the road a lovely place to live – but we cannot do this on our own – we appreciate all help and really do need others to help take the strain – let us know if you can help with anything (leaflet distribution etc). We aim to make the NW cost neutral.  If you’re being asked to pay towards something – it’s only because ‘we’ can’t bear the whole cost ourselves.
  2. If you are invited to a street gathering or asked to vote on something or asked to do something – please RSVP to let us know you’re coming, please do VOTE when asked to ensure your voice and wishes are heard, please do ACT if asked, as without your assistance we can’t obtain bulk discounts/keep the Gardening/Book clubs going etc. Also we cannot cater for unconfirmed guests as we are a small group with limited time and resources.  Your help and cooperation in this matter make all the difference.
  3. Reminder about using Facebook/blog – please subscribe to the blog (schubertroad.org) and like us on Facebook (Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch) to be kept up to date with all news, as we will no longer be sending out paperwork. If you have no internet access, please inform us and we can try to ensure that information is delivered to you by another means. This is also the best way to find out about local clubs (book/gardening etc.), babysitters, local contractors and events.
  4. If something is bothering you – let us know – perhaps we can help – perhaps others in the street are also struggling with a problem. It is much easier and more effective if we can act as a group.

Objectives of Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch:

  1. To make the community a safer, more enjoyable place to live, work and play; looking out for the elderly, disabled and others in need of help.
  2. To promote issues such as security and safety, working closely with community groups including the Metropolitan Police, Council etc. and when there are issues putting pressure on these and other groups – Councils, Police, the Water Board, mis-behaving neighbours etc. to solve the problem.
  3. To share Information on local and tried contractors, babysitters, house sitters etc.

Please take a look at the other side of this letter to find details of our exciting new Schubert Road Bake Off happening this summer!

Best wishes,

Louise, Daphne, Paddy and Anne


Below is the invitation for our Schubert Road Bake Off Street Party:

Schubert Road Street Party Invite 2014

Voting URGENTLY required – Have Your Say…

If you haven’t already voted please vote on the following things TODAY is the last day…

Installation of Bicycle Racks on Schubert Road…https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SZ23CPV

Installation of a Motorcycle Bay on Schubert Road…https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SGCMH5Z

Force the council to replace our ‘unloved’ pavements…

Please remind your neighbours when you see them!

Thank you

Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch

Installation of Bike Racks on Schubert Road

There is not adequate space for tenants to lock up their bikes safely. It is evident that many people use bicycles and there is limited space in which to keep them, especially as bikes are no longer allowed to be taken through communal hallways – this is due to the following reasons:

1)  Damage caused to communal hallways – carpets, walls etc.

2)  Health & Safety Regulations – Bikes can cause a trip hazard in the event of people attempting to exit a property in an emergency (such as a fire).

Both of these issues affect blocks of flats AND whole houses.

Please can you all click on the Survey link below and complete this by 5th February 2014…


Many Thanks


Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch

East Putney Neighbourhood Police Public Meeting – Thursday 12th December at 7pm.

I write to inform you of the forthcoming East Putney Neighbourhood Police Public Meeting which will take place in the new dining hall at Putney High School, 35 Putney Hill SW15 6BH  on Thursday the 12th of December starting from 1900 hours. This is the last Public Meeting of the year and we look forward to seeing you there.

PCSO 7231 Noel Perkins – Putney Team

Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.

PCSO Noel Perkins

POT IN THE FRIDGE Store your medical information at home for the Emergency Services to find it with ease

 ’POT IN THE FRIDGE’ is an effective way to store information on your Medical Conditions, Next of Kin etc. so the emergency services can find it.  Call 020 8871 8919 or e-mail communitysafety@wandsworth.gov.uk


 A new service which could help the save the life of a vulnerable person was launched by the Wandsworth Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association in partnership with Wandsworth Council, emergency services and other local agencies.

The ‘Pot in the Fridge’ scheme was launched by the Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Diana Whittingham at the Leonard Cheshire Day Centre in Randall Close last week. The scheme introduces an innovative way for people to store important information about their medical condition, which could help the members of the emergency services to help save their life.

Everyone on the scheme is issued with a clearly labelled plastic container in which an information sheet is stored. Information can range from details of someone’s medical condition, medication and next of kin details. Each container is then stored in the fridge and an ‘emergency information’ sticker is placed on the fridge door to indicate that the pot is stored inside. This information is then readily available to the emergency services in case of an accident in the home.

An emergency sticker is also placed on the inside of the front door in a prominent place so that emergency services can identify that the resident is registered to the scheme.

Cabinet member for social services, Cllr Vanessa Graham also attended the launch event. She said:

“ This is a simple, yet effective way for people to store information about themselves.
In effect, just one small plastic container could ultimately lead to someone’s life being saved and members of the emergency services and care agencies will have quick and easy access to vital information needed to treat someone who may have fallen victim to an unexpected emergency.

In Wandsworth there are almost 14,000 residents over the age of 75, and although this group is considered most at risk, the scheme can benefit other vulnerable people.”

The new scheme was launched in Wandsworth after members of the Wandsworth Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association identified the need for such a provision.

The Pot in the Fridge Scheme is supported by Wandsworth Council, the London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police, the London Ambulance Service, Age Concern Wandsworth, the Wandsworth Primary Care Trust, the Leonard Cheshire Foundation and Young’s Brewery.

Funding has been secured to supply 50,000 pots to homes across the borough. Pots have already been distributed amongst doctors surgeries, surgeries, day centres and sheltered housing schemes in Wandsworth.

Key Holders / Alarms


If you have an alarm you should make sure that your system is properly maintained, and all alarm systems should have two keyholders, trained to operate the alarm, able to attend an activation within 20 minutes, contactable by telephone and with their own transport.

Do you have a local friend/neighbour/cleaner who has a key to your home/car – perhaps you feel the Neighbourhood Watch should have that persons telephone number (in case of emergency/when you’re away).  If you are happy for Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch to hold a list of your keyholders please send us an e-mail at Schubert.road@gmail.com.

For more information about the Met’s Keyholder Database see below…

The Keyholder Database

Under the Safer Homes initiative, the Met is also advising owners of residential and business premises, with or without alarms, to register with their new Keyholder Database.  This database will record details of alarm systems and the names of nominated keyholders.  By registering on the Keyholder Database, alarmed property owners will be fully complying with the requirements of the London Local Authority Act 1991.  Once the owner of an address has registered their details with the new scheme, their details will be recorded on a central database.  This database is accessible by police control rooms and environmental health departments and allows police and local authorities to contact keyholders more easily in the event of an incident at the individual’s premises.

There are two services available to property owners: a basic free service and a comprehensive Premium Service.  The basic free service is only available to owners of audible alarms and records very basic property details.  To register, members of the public should phone 0800 197 7711 and provide details of the name of the person who holds the key for their property.  The comprehensive Premium Service offers additional benefits, which include the recording of additional property information and keyholders’ names as well as the ability to update records via the internet.  This service is available for everyone (with or without an audible alarm) and costs £15 per property (residential) or £35 plus VAT (for businesses).  Members of the public can register online at www.metkeyholders.org.uk or by calling 0870 060 1212.

Thames Water – Mains Leak UPDATE

Thanks to ALL those who contacted Thames Water to report their reduction in water pressure.

Thames Water have confirmed that they have located 27 leaks on the mains system and surrounding Stop Cocks.

Thames Water are fixing these leaks piece meal – due to the cost.

We must ask anyone who hasn’t yet contacted Thames Water to contact them as soon as possible as we can’t get the council to replace our pavements until all the leaks are found and fixed.

We need ALL residents to contact Thames Water to URGENTLY request a WATER PRESSURE CHECK ON THE COMMUNAL SUPPLY ON OUR ROAD – there seems to be a Major Leak on the mains supply underneath the pavements which has caused:

  • A significant reduction in water pressure
  • Damp Cellars
  • Sunken pavements
  • Residents large bills for replacing boilers, showers, pipework and other water      appliances
  • Not to mention the gallons of water which are seeping into the ground under      the pavements on our road, which will significantly damage the structural      integrity of our homes!

We would ask each of you to contact Thames Water directly in order to ensure that they attend to our communal plumbing issue as soon as possible – the more of us that call – the faster the issue will be resolved.

If you haven’t called yet – Please contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 800 (Using Options 1 then 4 then 1)

Your Street needs you!

New Year Schubert Road Gathering – January 2014

Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons With

We’re planning on having a Schubert Road gathering in January 2014 – we’d like to invite all residents to this gathering.

Our reason in getting us all together is so that we can tell you about all the things we’ve done and all the exciting plans we’ve got planned for the forthcoming year…

1)  Schubert Road ‘Bake Off’ – to take place in the Spring/Summer of 2014..

2)  Gorrila Gardeners – Volunteer Group to assist those in looking after their front & rear gardens – to take place in Spring 2014.

3)  Best & Worse kept front Gardens on Schubert Road competition – to take place in Summer 2014.

4)  Gardening Club to continue the Gorrila Gardeners work and watering and planting little plants next to the trees on the pavements to smarten up the road – To take place in the Spring 2014.

5)  Fancy Dress Competition – to take place in Summer 2014.

6)  Street Party – to take place in Summer 2014.

We’ve got lots of other things still to achieve…

  1. The Police will be COMING TO SCHUBERT ROAD (at least twice a year – rather than us having to go to meet them elsewhere) in order to help spread the news about ‘immobilise’ and to mark residents’ bikes and other equipment which should deter criminals but will also mean that if items are located the stolen goods can be reunited to their rightful owner.
  2. Resolving the Mains Water Leaks
  3. Having the pavements replaced
  4. Having the missing trees replaced
  5. Having a motorbike bay installed on the road
  6. Having a bike rack installed on the road
  7. Removing the (no longer required) Disabled parking space removed (paint removed)
  8. Passing on information from the Police, Council, Fire Brigade, Planning Department to all residents.
  9. Continuing to ensure that all residents are aware of all the help & advice available to them in order to avoid becoming victims of crime and to ensure that residents are aware that a Neighbourhood Watch group is available for support and advice if they are unfortunate enough to become a victim.

If you’re able to help with any of the above we’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day.

Further details to follow soon.