Jubilee Street Party


The Jubilee Street Party took place on Monday 4th June and despite some rain, was a great success.  Not only did it achieve our original aim of more people in the street getting to know each other, but we also managed to do something as a street (the only previous street party was in 1953).

Anne, Daphne, Louise and Paddy want to say a special big Schubert Road ‘thank you’ to Barry no (21) for his energy, inspiration and massive contribution to making the day such a roaring success.

The contributions we collected more than covered the costs of the party, and so Anne contacted the Council about planting some more trees on the street (there are gaps and also some had fallen down).  Two trees were planted on December 5th 2012 outside numbers 37/39 and 12. The cost for the Jubilee tree was £50 and we got the other one free.

With the remainder we have put aside money for a website and we will be donating/have donated £250 to the Hospital for Neuro-Disability on West Hill.  This is both local and the Queen is a Patron and so it seemed suitable as a recipient of the proceeds of a Jubilee event.7159631983_b67b2518c5_b 7159611433_d1084d68ed_b 7159620763_176001ae36_b

John (no. 45) took many photographs which can be seen here.

Street Party Invite – 4th June 2012

Street Party 2nd Notice May 2012