Schubert Road March 2014 Update Letter

Dear Schubert Road Resident,

Following on from our very successful Jubilee Street Party in 2012 and progress we have made since then preventing cold callers on the road and campaigning for the council and Thames Water to make improvements, we are sending you an update from your Neighbourhood Watch Team.

Reminders for all residents:

  1. We are all volunteers and we do all this work to help make the road a lovely place to live – but we cannot do this on our own – we appreciate all help and really do need others to help take the strain – let us know if you can help with anything (leaflet distribution etc). We aim to make the NW cost neutral.  If you’re being asked to pay towards something – it’s only because ‘we’ can’t bear the whole cost ourselves.
  2. If you are invited to a street gathering or asked to vote on something or asked to do something – please RSVP to let us know you’re coming, please do VOTE when asked to ensure your voice and wishes are heard, please do ACT if asked, as without your assistance we can’t obtain bulk discounts/keep the Gardening/Book clubs going etc. Also we cannot cater for unconfirmed guests as we are a small group with limited time and resources.  Your help and cooperation in this matter make all the difference.
  3. Reminder about using Facebook/blog – please subscribe to the blog ( and like us on Facebook (Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch) to be kept up to date with all news, as we will no longer be sending out paperwork. If you have no internet access, please inform us and we can try to ensure that information is delivered to you by another means. This is also the best way to find out about local clubs (book/gardening etc.), babysitters, local contractors and events.
  4. If something is bothering you – let us know – perhaps we can help – perhaps others in the street are also struggling with a problem. It is much easier and more effective if we can act as a group.

Objectives of Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch:

  1. To make the community a safer, more enjoyable place to live, work and play; looking out for the elderly, disabled and others in need of help.
  2. To promote issues such as security and safety, working closely with community groups including the Metropolitan Police, Council etc. and when there are issues putting pressure on these and other groups – Councils, Police, the Water Board, mis-behaving neighbours etc. to solve the problem.
  3. To share Information on local and tried contractors, babysitters, house sitters etc.

Please take a look at the other side of this letter to find details of our exciting new Schubert Road Bake Off happening this summer!

Best wishes,

Louise, Daphne, Paddy and Anne


Below is the invitation for our Schubert Road Bake Off Street Party:

Schubert Road Street Party Invite 2014

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