Advice on Home Security – External & Garden Security

External and garden security

  • Ensure side gates and rear entrances to your property are securely locked.
  • Burglars often use garden tools to break in, so keep them in a securely locked garage or shed.
  • Consider replacing glass shed windows with polycarbonate sheet (very strong plastic). You may also want to consider using a grille or heavy wire mesh to protect shed windows.
  • Postcode anything of value in your shed and garage. A lawn mower, for example, will be harder for the burglar to sell on with your house number and postcode painted across it.
  • Secure or lock ladders away so that a burglar cannot use them to access your home.
  • Lighting around the perimeter of your home may deter burglars and make them more visible. Good quality low energy lights are long lasting and cheap to run.
  • Good fencing topped with trellises is an important part of protecting your property.
  • Consider planting prickly shrubs beneath windows and other vulnerable areas in your garden.
  • Adding gravel to your drive, pathways and beneath windows is a deterrent to burglars as it makes noise, attracting attention.
  • If you are having building works on your home that require scaffolding it may be necessary for you to fit window locks on previously inaccessible windows. It may be worth checking with your home insurer as it could affect your policy.

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