Advice on Home Security – Property


  • Mark all your expensive property with your postcode and house number using a UV (ultraviolet) pen. This will make the property harder for criminals to sell on and help police reunite you with stolen items should they be recovered. If you move house simply put an ‘X’ at both ends of your old code and mark again with your new code.
  • For smaller items like jewellery, photograph them on a contrasting background and next to a ruler to give scale.
  • You should not postcode especially valuable items such as antiques and paintings as they may be devalued. Have them professionally valued, pass the details to your insurance company and obtain written confirmation from them that the items are insured.
  • Make an inventory¬†including every¬†valuable item; noting the year you brought it, price when new, serial number, make and model. Keep the inventory in a safe place away from your home, for example at work.
  • Hide or lock away all passports and official documents, preferably in a house safe.
  • Don’t leave the empty box to new expensive items, such as TVs, by the outside bin: this is an advertisement to the burglar. Take them to a recycling point or municipal dump.
  • Be especially aware around Christmas when burglars know there are presents around.
  • If you’ve been burgled it is possible the burglar will return within a few weeks to steal the replacement items you bought.

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