Advice on Home Security – Windows


  • Window locks do deter burglars: if they need to smash glass to gain entry they will leave evidence and be more likely to draw attention.
  • Fit locks on all ground floor windows and those that may be accessed from flat roofs or drainpipes. Use locks that secure the opening part of the window to the main frame.
  • Window locks are available from locksmiths, hardware/DIY stores and builders’ merchants. Buy the most expensive locks you can afford.
  • Close and lock all windows when you go out.
  • In warmer weather do not leave accessible windows open in unoccupied rooms: an open window is an invitation for an opportunist burglar.
  • Consider installing double glazing that meets British Standard 7950, which is a standard for enhanced window security.
  • Laminated glass is better than toughened because it stays in place when it’s smashed. This both slows a burglar down and is safer for children.
  • Don’t leave items of value – for example handbags, mobiles, cash, wallets or keys – on display close to an open window as these can be easily snatched by a passing thief.

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