Advice on Home Security – Doors & Locks

Doors and locks

  • Ensure external doors and frames are strong and in good condition. Doors should be solid core construction – a minimum 44mm thick.
  • Check the hinges and glass panels.
  • Fit a British Standard 3621 mortice deadlock – because it cannot be slipped, is difficult to pick and is very strong.
  • Consider reinforcing the door frame with metal strips; a London Bar on the lock side and a Birmingham Bar on the hinge side.
  • Lock all external doors when leaving your home. Always use your deadlocks.
  • If you use your deadlocks when you go to bed make sure you keep the keys in a secret but easy to hand place: you may need to leave in an emergency – for example in the event of a fire. If you prefer not to deadlock your door at night, secure your front door with heavy duty sliding bolts.
  • Do not leave keys near windows or doors inside your home: burglars can use ‘fishing rod’ devices to retrieve your keys through your letterbox and use them to enter your home or steal your car. They will probably do both.
  • French doors or windows should be secured by fitting lockable door security bolts at the top and bottom of each opening section. Your insurers may also require the use of a centrally mounted British Standard 3621 deadlock.
  • Outward opening doors must be fitted with hinge bolts as exposed hinges are vulnerable to attack.
  • If you live in a flat or maisonette, check the security of main communal entrances and seek professional advice if you are in any doubt about its security.
  • Always close communal doors and never allow access to anyone you do not recognise.
  • Never hide keys outside your home. If you have a spare set leave them with a friend or trusted neighbour.
  • Only leave keys with trusted tradesmen as they may be easily copied.
  • If you have just moved in we advise you consider changing the door locks – you don’t know who may have a key.

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