Thames Water – Mains Leak UPDATE

Thanks to ALL those who contacted Thames Water to report their reduction in water pressure.

Thames Water have confirmed that they have located 27 leaks on the mains system and surrounding Stop Cocks.

Thames Water are fixing these leaks piece meal – due to the cost.

We must ask anyone who hasn’t yet contacted Thames Water to contact them as soon as possible as we can’t get the council to replace our pavements until all the leaks are found and fixed.

We need ALL residents to contact Thames Water to URGENTLY request a WATER PRESSURE CHECK ON THE COMMUNAL SUPPLY ON OUR ROAD – there seems to be a Major Leak on the mains supply underneath the pavements which has caused:

  • A significant reduction in water pressure
  • Damp Cellars
  • Sunken pavements
  • Residents large bills for replacing boilers, showers, pipework and other water      appliances
  • Not to mention the gallons of water which are seeping into the ground under      the pavements on our road, which will significantly damage the structural      integrity of our homes!

We would ask each of you to contact Thames Water directly in order to ensure that they attend to our communal plumbing issue as soon as possible – the more of us that call – the faster the issue will be resolved.

If you haven’t called yet – Please contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 800 (Using Options 1 then 4 then 1)

Your Street needs you!

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