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According to the Met Office bad weather is on the way…Useful Check List for bad weather:

  • A wind up torch and radio in case of a power cut
  • Keep a stock of matches, lighters and candles
  • Make sure your first aid kit is up to date
  • Plan where to park your car in bad weather
  • Extra Torches & Extra Batteries
  • Blankets
  • Stock up on essential household products and foods including:  Bottled water, toilet rolls, toothpaste, washing products, long life or powdered milk.
  • Non-Cook food including:  tinned fruit, vegetables, tins of soup, baked beans, pasta, rice, crackers, oatcakes, porridge, tea, coffee, packet soups and instant mash, tinned meat and fish
  • If you have a freezer – keep bread, ready meals, frozen fruit & vegetables

Useful tips:

  • Keep your radio tuned into the local radio station for travel and weather updates.
  • Keep a note of your utilities information in a safe place – gas, electric, oil, coal and water.  Account details and telephone numbers can be found on your bill.

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