“Filthy Rich” Posters have started to go up in selected locations with a press launch today.  Four different, creative posters will go on billboards, bus-shelters, Tube lift and escalator panels, bus interiors and on digital animations in pubs and bars across London.  These will be supported by PR activity and online social media support.  There will also be commercials on Capital Radio.  Please give this campaign as much publicity as possible.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage the public to come forward with information on those living off the proceeds of crime.  This may be a result of activity by individuals across a number of acquisitive crime types ranging from drug-dealing, robbery, burglary to more serious crimes such as human-trafficking, fraud, illegal importation and, of course, money-laundering which can also involve businesses.  For more on the campaign go to:

Meanwhile, you can follow Crimestoppers on Twitter through both the main account, @CrimestoppersUK and also the flow dedicated to London at @RHookCSLondon.

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