Message from the police concerning residential burglaries

“I am writing to notify you that there has been a  large increase in residential burglaries in certain areas of Wandsworth borough. The Tooting area has been hit very hard and during the past two weeks Southfields has suffered a spate of front door slip lock burglaries. Please can you inform the members of your neighbourhood watch schemes to remain  vigilant. To use two locks on the front door when exiting their properties, to ensure windows are also locked and secure, and when going to sleep in the evening to ensure two locks are used on the front door also. Many of the slip lock burglaries have occurred at night while residents have been asleep in their beds. To date  East Putney Ward has not seen burglaries increase and your continued vigilance from now and through out the Christmas and holiday period  will ensure it remains the safest ward in Wandsworth.

The police continue to patrol your area regularly and we are working hard towards identifying and finding the persons responsible for the recent burglaries in the borough. If your members see anything unusual or suspicious on their street please encourage them to report it to us on the 101 number.


PCSO 7231 Noel Perkins
Putney Team
Email – TBC
Tel – 101″

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