In 2011 three long-term residents of Schubert Road, Anne of no. 25, Daphne of no. 47 and Paddy of no. 44 were talking about how we knew few other people living in the street and we decided that we should do something to make contact with our neighbours. We were soon joined by Louise of no. 53H and held a few informal meetings.

On 16/11/11 we held a meeting for about 25 residents, where it was decided that it would be worth investigating our status with Neighbourhood Watch and getting in touch with all the residents of the street.  Schubert Road was still registered with NW and as the previous co-ordinator of NW was happy to relinquish her position, Louise took over as the new co-ordinator for the street. The proposal of a Jubilee Street party was approved, resulting in us sending out leaflets to everyone in the street.

When we realised that there were going to be a reasonable number of people coming to the street party, we organised street closure and hire of tables and barbeques (with the help of Barry of no. 21).

We also thought that the blog/website could carry information about events locally or with which any residents are involved.

e.g. Putney Arts Theatre

Find out about our Jubilee Street Party here.

Important Note

While the co-ordinator and other organizers of Schubert Road Neighbourhood Watch (“the organizers”) post advertisements for third parties in good faith, they give no representation or warranty about the goods and services which are advertised. In particular, the organizers have not taken any steps to test the quality of goods and services or to establish the qualifications and experience of service providers. The organisers therefore make no claim that goods are of merchantable quality or fit for purpose or that services will be of a satisfactory standard. You must therefore rely exclusively on your own enquiries tests and judgement. If you accept goods and services from people advertising on this blog and things go wrong, the organizers accept no liability to you.

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